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I have listed all the ingredients of the proucts for sale on this website below:

Colon D-Tox 1 Colon D-Tox 2
100 435mg capsules 2.7 grams per teaspoon
African Bird Pepper* Activated Willow charcoal
Barberry Root Bark** Apple Fruit Pectin
Cape Aloes Flax seeds*
Cascara Sagrada Aged Bark Marshmallow Root*
Fennel Seed* Peppermint Leaf*
Garlic Bulb* Pharmaceutical grade Bentonite clay
Ginger Root* Psyllium seeds and husks
Senna Herb* Slippery Elm Inner Bark**
Kidney D-Tox Capsules Kidney D-Tox Tea
100 410mg capsules 1.89 grams per teaspoon
Burdock Root* Alfalfa Herb*
Corn Silk* Echinacea
Gravel Root Goldenseal**
Hosetail Herb* Licorice Root*
Hydrangea Root* Nettle Leaf**
Juniper Berries* Parsley Root*
Marshmallow Root** Rosemary Leaf*
Uva Ursi Leaves* Wild Yam**
Liver D-Tox Capsules Liver D-Tox Tea
100 435mg capsules 1.89 grams per teaspoon
Chaparral Herb** Burdock Root*
Dandelion Root* Cinnamon Bark
Garlic Bulb* Dandelion Root*
Ginger Root* Fennel Seed*
Milk Thistle Seed* Green Tea
Oregon Grape Root** Licorice Root*
Wormwood Leaf** Pau D'arco Bark**
Peppermint leaf*
Para D-Tox Metal D-Tox
100 390mg capsules 100 410mg Capsules
Black Walnut Hulls** Cilantro*
Cat's Claw Bark** Chlorella*
Ginger Root*
Slippery Elm*
Falloclear Fallopen Herbal Tampon Mix
100 445mg  Capsules 1.89 grams per teaspoon
Astragalus Root** Astragalus Root**
Chaste Tree** Calendula*
Dong Quai Corydalis Root
Garlic* Dong Quai
Goldenseal** Garlic*
Green Tea Goldenseal**
Pineapple Juice Powder* Ligusticum*
Tribulus Terrestris  Red Clover*
Chamomile Cleanse
1.89 grams per teaspoon
Chamomile Flower*
Pau D'Arco Bark**
Alkagreens Plus Antioxiplus Powder
13.2 grams per scoop 7.5 grams per scoop
Spirulina Blue-Green Algae** Arcerola cherry**
Chlorella-Broken Cell Algae Blueberry**
Purple Dulse Seaweed* Grape seed**
Wheat Grass* Grape skin**
Spinach Leaf* Green Tea**
Alfalfa Grass* Maca**
Barley Grass* Mangosteen**
Rose Hips* Orange Powder*
Organge Peel* Papaya**
Lemon Peel* Pineapple**
Astalgus Root** Pomegranate seed**
Nettle Leaf** Raspberry**
Beetroot* Shiitake mushrooms**


* Certified Organic
** Wild Crafted


All ingredients are non-sprayed, non-genetically modified, and non-irradiated


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