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If you have been diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes and you’re looking for a natural way to open up the fallopian tubes and conceive, this will be the most important message you’ll ever read.

Here is why:

My name is Shola Oslo and I am a kinesiologist.  I help both men and women to conceive, using natural remedies, and I have developed a 7-Step process for unblocking fallopian tubes, based on techniques from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Aryuvedic Medicine.

Here's just a few of our success stories we'd like to share with you:

My Doctor Was SHOCKED...
The 7 Steps Got Me Pregnant -
Even After She Told Me I Couldn't Have Children!

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I was diagnosed with hydrosalpinx on the left fallopian tubes and adhesions on the right in February 09.

My doctor told me I had a slim chance to none of getting pregnant, and recommended I have an operation to clear them, but I refused because I knew the success rate was minimal.

My husband found a site online on unblocking tubes naturally and asked me to read up on it. I read all the information and we decided to purchase in April 09, as the price was minimal compared to the cost of fertility treatments.

I used the products followed the program and in September 09 I got pregnant. However I had a miscarriage (it wasn't an eptopic baby, the doctor said chromosome abnormalty).

When I told my doctor she was shocked, as the 7 steps defied what she told me about me not being able to have children.

Because I now knew my tubes were unblocked and I could get pregnant, I was EXCITED!

So to be certain that everthing was ok - I used the remainder of my falloclear/herbal tampons.

Then in October I found out I was pregnant again.

I am now 7 weeks pregnant the baby is in the womb and the doctor said after an early scan that everything is progressing fine.

I am an advocate for your products............I have recommended them to several ladies who have been trying to get pregnant.

I believe in these products, as they are God's way of healing your body, rather than man's way, which causes more damage than good.

The products really work, just commit to the process and you'll be celebrating real soon!

Philippa Moss, Miami Florida


My Doctor Now Recommends Your Kit...
When I Got Pregnant After A Decade Of Infertility And Being Told I'd NEVER Have Children. Ever!

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I've been trying to conceive for around 10 to 11 years and I'm engaged, and my fiance wants to have a child.

I've had blocked tubes, and doctor told me my scar tissue was so bad, I would never be able to have children. Ever. So I was a skeptical when I found your website, but thought "anything is possible".

I looked at other options. IVF costs about $15,000 for each round where I live, and that was out of the question. We couldn't afford that, and there was no guarantee it would work even after 2 cycles.

So I looked for a natural alternative. I found another website selling herbal tampons but wasn't comfortable with the way you had to make the tampons. It seemed really difficult and there was no information on what was in the tampons.

I felt good about your website because you got DVDs, CDs, and full instructions, so I bought the Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit.

The kit arrived very quickly and I got started right away! It was very easy to use, and came with an interesting book that I read over and over again. It contained information that was on my medical records, and I followed ALL the instructions!

I was amazed at the results. Last October, I didn't get my period, so I went to the doctor for a pregnancy test. I was pregnant! My doctor couldn't believe it! I showed him the book that came with the kit and he was also amazed.

My doctor told his daughter about it, and he told all the patients who came in that day. He wrote down the name of your website, and he'll be calling you soon!

I would like to recommend the Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit to any would-be mothers who have given up hope of ever having a child. It IS possible, if you follow the instructions and believe in the healing... It's amazing.

Ms Morgan, 35 Sommerville South Carolina


Here's an example of someone who tried out the system I'm about to describe to you, and managed to get pregnant with just one blocked fallopian tube:

Pregnant In 4 Weeks...
With ONE Blocked Fallopian Tube

I am a 29 year old mother of one & thanks to these fine remedies I am expecting another again.

I have a beautiful little girl which we are blessed for, We began trying for another baby when she was three, only to miscarry. I found out 2 & 1/2 months later I was pregnant again only to find I was carrying twins & one was ectopic & I lost a fallopian tube & my two angels also.

I waited three months to try again without success, as my menstrual cycle went haywire. I was then put on provera to start my period on time & then put on clomid to help me ovulate as I was told I had polycystic ovary symptoms not actual polycystic ovaries.

I felt at this stage I would never carry a baby again. There was so much going against me.

Then I signed up to your website, from which I got a lot of ideas, as my next step would have been IVF. I done the total body cleanse which i have to say is tough to take, but believe me is worth it, I also used the Blocked Fallopian Kit, FertilPlus, & AlkaGreens. I am Glad to say It worked!

I was trying for 14 months & after just four weeks of taking all this I am pregnant & so happy, no words can describe.

To all you ladies out there, don't give up I nearly did & my life felt destroyed but thank God for these herbal remedies & just four weeks of taking them I am pregnant. I wish I would have done this sooner.

Good luck to all you out there trying to conceive, I know in my own heart & soul what sorrow & torment you are & were going through.

Best wishes

Anna Murray, Co Down, Ireland


Update From Anna (August 14 2008)

Dear Dee How are you? It's Anna Murray here. Hope you are well. Everything is going fine here thank God, baby seems to be doing well.

I have had two scans now the first to make sure baby was not ectopic and thank God baby is in the womb. The second to see how baby was progressing. So far, keeping all crossed that everything will go well.

The baby is due in March. Thank you so much for all your help & just listening to me. Best wishes & kind regards,



Update From Anna (September 7 2008)

Hi Dee.

How are you? It's Anne Murray here from Ireland. I am now ten weeks pregnant now have had 3 scans and baby is doing brilliant thank God.

My scan last week I had was absolutenly amazing seeing the little head, hands & legs the heart beat was brilliant.

Thank you for all ur help. Kind regards,



Over the past 12 months, I have had success rates of 73% - here are some of my most recent case studies:

Every single client I worked with who have had success has carried out the 7 steps:


Jenny Conceived In 5 Months With Blocked Tubes And A History of Chlamydia & PID

Jenny was 38 years old when she first visited, and had a history of Chlamydia infections and pelvic inflammatory disease.  She’d been trying to conceive for 4 years and had had an HSG, which confirmed that both of her fallopian tubes were blocked.  Her husband’s sperm count and motility was normal, so we focussed on her. 

She was lucky to have a very supportive partner who learned the massage techniques and acupressure points, and performed the yoga with her every morning.  It only took her 5 months to conceive.


Tanya Got Pregnant In Just 6 Weeks...
After Clearing Her Endometriosis

Tanya was only 22 and had been told that her tubes were blocked due to endometriosis.  Since her endo symptoms were extremely painful, and she had stopped having sex with her partner, I discussed treating the endometriosis first, before unblocking the fallopian tubes. 

For 3 months, we worked on her diet, cleanses, supplements and herbal remedies for endometriosis, and when her symptoms had gone, we started the program for unblocking the fallopian tubes. 

It only took her 6 weeks to conceive, and her baby is due in late June.


Sarah Became Pregnant In 4 Months
With One Fallopian Tube

Sarah was 29 and had an ectopic pregnancy, which resulted in a salpingectomy – this is the surgical removal of a fallopian tube.   Her remaining fallopian tube was also blocked, and she didn’t want to risk surgery on the tube, as she was worried about scarring and future ectopic pregnancies. 

Sarah followed the 7 steps and became pregnant after 4 months.


Lola Finally Became Pregnant... At Age 46
(With Methods After $160,000 of IVF Failed)

Lola was 46 and had spent over $160,000 on IVF treatments over the past 3 years.  She was extremely stressed and toxic when she came to my clinic and I managed to convince her to spend 4 weeks on a body cleansing, healthy eating, relaxation and exercise program before attempting to unblock her tubes.  She lost weight in the first 4 weeks and doubled her energy levels. 

When she started to use the herbal tampons, massage and yoga, it only took her 2 months to conceive.


Monica Unblocked Her Tubes At 42!

Monica was 42 and followed the program to unblock her fallopian tubes.  After 4 months of the program, she and her husband went to get tested again.  The doctor confirmed that her fallopian tubes were open, but her husband had retrograde ejaculation.  This is a condition where the semen goes into the bladder during ejaculation, which means that sperm cannot enter the vagina.  They are currently considering their options.


Morag Got Rid Of Her Hydrosalpinx After 2 Months

Morag was 36 and had a hydrosalpinx in both tubes, and suffered severe pain.  She actually came to see me because she wanted to end the pain, and she wasn’t interested in becoming pregnant. 

She still went through the 7 step treatment, and after 2 months she reported that the pain had completely gone


Vivien Conceived At Age 49...
After Trying For 14 Years

Vivien was 49 and was told her right tube was blocked, and that she was going through menopause.  I  put her on the 7-step program, followed by FertilPlus, to regulate her periods. 

Her husband also took FertilPlus for men, to give him a boost in sperm count.  It took her 6 months to conceive, which she was very happy about, as she had been trying for 14 years.


Caryn Got Pregnant In 3 Months...
With Salpingitis & Frequent Yeast Infections

Caryn’s was 37 and had salpingitis, which is the inflammation of the fallopian tubes.  She had also had frequent yeast infections, which she had passed on to her partner and he’d pass on to her.  I gave both of them DidaClear, which is a herbal remedy for yeast infections, and they both did the cleansing program. 

Caryn also followed the rest of the 7 steps, and reported feeling better in just 5 weeks.  In total, it took her 3 months to conceive.


Lynne Took 4 Months To Conceive
(And Her Husband Had A Low Sperm Count Too)

Lynne was 40 and was a smoker who had also had scar tissue on her fallopian tubes from a previous surgery to open them up.  The first thing we worked on was to stop smoking, and increase her intake of nutrients, then we started the 7 steps. 

Her husband also took FertilPlus for Men, as his sperm count was lower than average. It took Lynne just 4 months to conceive, and I’m pleased to say she no longer smokes.


Miriam Took Only 6 Weeks To Get Pregnant

Miriam was 35 and diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes, and had been trying to conceive for the past 3 years.  She was very committed to following the 7-step program, and it only took her 6 weeks to unblock her fallopian tubes and conceive.


Those are just a few examples, and I hope to include you on my list of successes sometime soon.


7 Steps To Unblocking Your Fallopian Tubes:


Scientific Basis For Unblocking The Fallopian Tubes Naturally

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used for thousands of years to restore female fertility, and can be used to unblock the fallopian tubes with excellent success rates.

In fact, a 2005 report described the treatments used by the Shenzhen Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Guangdong, China, where doctors were achieving 82.22% success rates with the use of herbs and acupuncture.

Many of the techniques used by the hospital are incorporated in my 7-step approach to unblocking fallopian tubes, and I’d like to share this approach with you.

Step 1:  Herbal Tampons & Douches

The most important part of my 7-step program is the use of herbal tampons and douches.   Herbal tampons are a safe way to introduce herbs directly into the fallopian tubes to kill infections, reduce inflammation and loosen up scar tissue and adhesions.  They work by introducing a decoction of medicinal herbs into the vagina, which move into the uterus and fallopian tubes. 

The active ingredients of the herbs work directly on the tissues of the pelvic organs, and have the following effects:

  • Reducing inflammation in the fallopian tubes

  • Killing infections, bacteria, viruses yeast and fungus

  • Speeding up healing of damaged fallopian tubes

  • Softening and breaking up adhesions and scar tissue

  • Keeping the delicate tissues of the reproductive tract healthy and moist.

My clients use the tampons every evening after their periods and before ovulation, then use the herbal douche in the morning to clear out the debris loosened by the herbal tampons, and to clear out any remaining infections in the fallopian tubes.


Step 2:  Herbal Supplements

The second herbal approach to unblocking the fallopian tubes is to allow the herbs to reach the fallopian tubes indirectly, via the digestive system. 

I give my clients a blend of organic herbal capsules to increase the effectiveness of the herbal tampons, and can help improve your fertility in the following ways:

  • Boosting the immune system and protecting against Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

  • Balancing progesterone, LH, FSH and estrogen

  • Improving fertility, regulating menstruation and ovulation

  • Increasing the sex drive

The capsules are taken every day with meals for a month.  Some clients who have had a history of recurrent pelvic inflammatory disease, or have had extensive scarring from previous surgeries prefer to take the capsules until they get pregnant.

Step 3:  Chinese Fertility Massage & Acupressure

To accelerate the unblocking process, I perform a special pelvic massage called the Chinese Fertility Massage, which helps to open up the fallopian tubes.  I teach this massage technique to my clients, so they can perform it at home.

This fertility massage uses techniques from Traditional Chinese Medicine and was developed by a massage therapist for improving the health of the reproductive organs, breaking up adhesions and unblocking fallopian tubes, and combines deep tissue massage, essential oils and acupressure.  

Other benefits of fertility massage are listed below:

  • Loosens up congestion, energy and physical blockages in the pelvic region and reproductive system

  • Relieves blood stasis and stagnant chi from the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries, also warms up a cold uterus (a condition in Chinese Medicine that can prevent fertility)

  • Stimulates and strengthens the internal organs, and promotes optimal functioning

  • Improves circulation to the reproductive organs, which includes blood circulation, lymphatic circulation and energy circulation

  • Stimulates the digestion, and removal of toxins from the body

  • Can reposition a displaced uterus, as gentle the movements guide the uterus into its correct position in the body and stimulate the muscles that support the pelvis and reproductive organs

  • Balances menstruation including normalising the flow of blood, regulating the menstrual cycle

  • Can help hormone balance, providing beneficial symptom-relief of hormone-aggravated conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, and premenstrual tension

The massage is performed before going to bed, while wearing the herbal tampon.  It encourages the flow of the herbs into the fallopian tubes, and makes loosening the adhesions and scarring a lot easier.

Step 4:  Fertility Yoga

The next step is fertility yoga.  Fertility yoga consists of the asanas (or positions) that nourish the reproductive organs, endocrine system and brain, while opening up the pelvic organs and gently exercising the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes.  It can stretch the internal organs and accelerate the process of breaking up adhesions and scar tissue, while opening up the reproductive organs for fertility, and preparing the body mentally, physically and emotionally for conception and pregnancy.

Other benefits of fertility yoga include:

  • Stretches and tones the internal organs and accelerate the process of breaking up adhesions and scar tissue

  • Increases the energy levels, by releasing pent up energy levels for positive uses

  • Relieves stress, calms the mind of anxiety and promotes relaxation

  • Increases the flow of blood, lymph (and therefore oxygen and nutrients) to the brain, organs and endocrine system. 

  • Relaxes the muscles – both internal and external,

  • Calms the sympathetic nervous system, allowing the reproductive organs to be relaxed, supple and well-nourished for conception. 

My clients practise Fertility Yoga every morning, while wearing their herbal tampons, as this can increase the effects of the tampons and help to open up the fallopian tubes faster.

Step 5:  Body Cleansing For Fertility

A vital step in the process is the body cleansing program.  The purpose of the body cleanse is to allow the body to heal itself, by getting rid of the toxins that cause the body to become congested and prevent effective healing from taking place.

For example, toxicity can affect the hormone balance.  The liver, which is responsible for recycling hormones such as estrogen and testosterone, is also responsible for detoxifying and cleansing the blood. 

When its overloaded with toxins, it can’t recycle the hormones as efficiently, creating the hormone imbalances that cause conditions such as fibroids, endometriosis and PCOS. 

It can also force other hormones to become unbalanced, such as Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH).  This results in the disruption of menstrual cycles and ovulation, which has disastrous effects on the fertility.

Toxicity also lowers the immune system and leaves you more vulnerable to disease, and makes you less likely to heal as efficiently as you should.  Women with low immune systems are more likely to contract Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, endometriosis, yeast infections, and bacterial vaginosis - all of which cause the pelvic organs to become infected, inflamed and more likely to form scars, adhesions and blockages.

It’s therefore important to get rid of the excess toxins, to give your body a chance to restore its fertility with a Total Body Cleanse.  The steps involved in the Total Body Cleansing Program include:

  • Colon Cleansing – to get rid of built up toxic waste, reduce inflammation in the colon, in order to prevent an inflamed toxic colon from compressing the reproductive organs or spreading toxins to the fallopian tubes, uterus and ovaries

  • Liver Cleansing – to increase the liver’s ability to neutralize toxins, recycle and balance the hormones, and cleanse the blood

  • Kidney Cleansing – boosts kidney energies, which in Traditional Chinese Medicine is related to fertility

  • Toxin Cleansing – to get rid of parasites and heavy metals that overload the immune system, increase toxicity and leave the body vulnerable to disease

Another reason why all my clients do the body-cleansing program is because it doubles the effectiveness of any herbal remedy taken. 

This is why my success rates are so high – all my clients cleanse their systems, so that any nutrition and herbal remedies taken are fully absorbed and utilized by the body.

Step 6:  Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques are vital for relaxing the fallopian tubes, improving the fertility and conquering stress. Stress is an extremely important factor in conception, and fertility experts liken the stress of trying to conceive with the stress of having a family bereavement, or being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease.  

Many scientific studies have concluded that stress harms the fertility of both men and women, prevents conception, and can increase the risk of miscarriage.  Stress affects us spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  It changes the body’s biochemistry, alters the balance of hormones, and puts the body in a state that does not support fertility.

The effects of stress on fertility can be devastating.   Stress suppresses the immune system, it damages blood vessels – particularly the delicate capillaries that supply the reproductive organs, it floods the body with stress hormones, which create imbalances in the hormones essential for reproduction, and it affects the libido, digestion and energy levels.

More specifically, stress can have the following effects:

  • Stress can cause the fallopian tubes to spasm and become temporarily blocked, stopping the passage of sperm and /or eggs

  • It can upset the balance of reproductive hormones such as FSH, LH, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone

  • It can disrupt the menstrual cycle and delay ovulation

  • It can affect the quality of eggs

  • It can prevent implantation

  • It can suppress the intake of nutrients and hormones needed for a fetus to survive

  • It can weaken the immune system and increase the susceptibility to disease (such as pelvic inflammatory disease or worse)

Every client is taught relaxation exercises, which she can share with her partner, in order to increase her chances of conceiving.

Step 7:  Healthy Eating & Nutrition

Eating the right foods is an important part of the 7-step program and the advice that gives men and women the greatest impact on their health and fertility is to increase their intake of fruit and vegetables to 9 portions or more a day.  This is because these foods are rich in water; vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and they alkalize the body.

Antioxidants are a necessity in the world in which we live.  This is due to the dramatic increase in free radicals we're exposed to on a daily basis.   Free radicals are created from air pollution, exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, chemical by-products, toxic waste, pesticides, electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, masts and computer screens, ultraviolet light and highly processed commercial foods and trans fats.

Free radicals are also partially responsible for premature aging, and can accelerate the aging of the female reproductive system, creating infertility at increasingly younger ages, and damage eggs, embryos and the placenta, making them incapable of sustaining a healthy pregnancy to full term.  Increasing your intake of antioxidants can reverse the aging process, and repair DNA damage from free radicals.

Taking antioxidants can help repair - and in some cases reverse the effects of free radicals, giving you a younger reproductive age, healthier reproductive organs (including the fallopian tubes) and better quality eggs.

Alkalising is a form of eating made popular by Dr Robert Young, and is the process of eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables in order to support the body in healing itself and fighting disease.  Red meat, simple carbohydrates, processed foods and poor lifestyle choices can cause the body to become slightly acidic, which makes you more vulnerable to disease, and produces an internal environment where bacteria, yeast and fungus can thrive.

Eating alkaline-forming foods such as dark green leafy vegetables can help reduce the acidity overly-hostile cervical mucus, or alkalize semen, providing sperm with a healthier environment in which to develop.  Alkaline diets can also assist the detoxification process, as they put less strain on the organs.

Every single client I work with is given antioxidants and a food-based supplement to supply them with the equivalent of their required daily intake of vegetables.


How To Unblock Your Fallopian Tubes
With The 7 Step Plan

If you ’re serious about unblocking your fallopian tubes, and conceiving quickly, I urge you to give this method a try.

I’ve brought together the work of a small team of experts in alternative health to help you to conceive naturally.  This is the exact protocol I use in my private kinesiology practice where women thousands of dollars over a period of 3 to 6 months.

  • Amina Christy – Master Herbalist and Medical Researcher

  • Rachael Maya – Massage Therapist and Shiatsu Practitoner

  • Ruthe Tapp – Yoga Instructor

  • Kinely Cormac – NLP Practitioner and Sound Therapist

Each of my colleagues have contributed to the Fallopian Tube Kit, which my clients have used successfully to open up their fallopian tubes.

The Blocked Fallopian Tubes Kit consists of:

  • Fallopen Herbal Tampon Mix - a blend of herbs that kill infections, reduce inflammation in the fallopian tubes, reduce scarring, increase the circulation of blood, nutrients and oxygen to the fallopian tubes, and help to loosen up adhesions and scar tissue.

  • Chamomile Cleanse Herbal Douche Mix - a blend of herbs that wash the vagina and pelvic organs of debris loosed up by the herbal tampons, and kill any remaining infections, while helping to restore the vagina’s natural flora

  • FalloClear Herbal Capsules - a herbal blend of capsules that support the action of the herbal tampons by stimulating the circulation to the pelvic organs and fallopian tubes, and contains enzymes that break up adhesions and scar tissue.

  • Fertility Massage DVD - contains the fallopian tube massage for breaking up scar tissue and opening the fallopian tubes, and a regular fertility massage you can practise any time of the month, for relaxing and stimulating the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries.

  • Fertility Yoga DVD - contains a full fertility yoga routine for balancing the hormones, stretching, toning and opening up the pelvic organs, relaxing the mind, body and spirit and an exercise you and your partner can do together to harmonise your energies, making conception easier.

  • Quantum Relaxation CD - the exact CD I give to my clients to stimulate a deep level of relaxation. It works using sounds that stimulate the brain waves, and gently alter the frequencies of your brain waves from the Beta range (normally assoc

There’s only a limited supply, as we have only ordered 30 of each, and when the 30 kits are sold, you will have to wait for us to get them back in stock.  To give you the best value for money, and the best chances of conceiving, we’re also offering you the following free gifts:

  • Blocked Fallopian Tubes Book - a full explanation of everything you need to do to unblock your fallopian tubes and become pregnant. It also contains advice on herbal remedies for male and female fertility, diet and nutrition advice for men and women, how to time sex for conception and sexual positions and sex tips for conception.

  • Fast Start CD - I talk you through everything you need to do to get started, and provide you with a handy summary card for easy reference.

These items will be on sale at a later date, so if you want to save money and get them for free, you will need to purchase the kit now.

I mentioned earlier that our success rates were so high because my clients cleansed their systems of toxins in order for the body to fully absorb the herbs and nutrition.  Every client who has successfully unblocked her fallopian tubes has used the Body Cleanse Kit

The Total Body Cleanse Kit consists of:

  • Colon Cleansing Kit - a 5-day colon cleanse that clears the large intestine to allow deep cleansing and maximum nutrient absorption to take place. Contains a colon correction formula and colon cleansing formula.

  • Liver Cleansing Kit - a 5-day cleanse, containing a gentle liver-cleansing tea and liver cleansing capsules to support the liver in getting rid of excess toxins, and helps the liver balance hormones naturally.

  • Kidney Cleansing Kit - a 5-day cleanse, containing arevitalising kidney cleansing tea and kidney cleansing capsules to detoxify your kidney and give you the energy for conception

This comes with 2 free gifts:

  • Toxin Cleansing Kit - a 5-day cleanse, containing a heavy metal detoxification supplement to reverse the damage done by toxins, and a parasite cleansing supplement that gently gets rid of unwelcome pests and prepares your body for conception.

  • Body Cleansing Booklet - a step-by-step guide to doing the cleanses, including tips for getting the most out of your cleanses while taking herbal remedies.

Finally, my clients get enough nutritional support to heal their damaged fallopian tubes, rebuild damaged cilia and fibria when they take AlkaGreens Plus and Antioxiplus.  These are food-based nutrition supplements you can mix in your morning juice, to give you your daily requirement of fruit, vegetable and antioxidants.

The Ultra Nutrition Plus Kit consists of:

  • Alkagreens Plus - Alkagreens Plus contains a variety of vegetables – many of them qualify as “superfoods”, which are highly nutritious foods that provide significant health benefits, such as lowering cholesterol, reducing the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.  Alkagreens is particularly helpful for anyone who wants to eat a large quantity of vegetables, but does not like their taste or doesn’t have the time (or appetite) to prepare and eat such large quantities.

  • AntioxiPlus - Antioxiplus is an organic and wildcrafted supplement I recommend to help reverse aging of cells, and protect against free radicals and free radical damage.  It contains many of the most potent antioxidant fruits, and is in a ground form, which makes it easy for your body to digest and assimilate.

Each item is going to cost $97, but we’re going to provide discounts in order to make the kits more affordable.

But, as soon as the supply has been sold out, it might be several weeks before you’re able to get the herbs again, so please consider this before putting off your purchase.

So, are you ready to unblock your fallopian tubes now?

Limited Offer:

Because we want you to fully benefit from the process, we're offering you a discount of $259 off the regular price of all the components of the Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit. If you were to buy each item at our regular webstore biotcanicalhealth.com, this would cost you $756.00, so you'll save $259 by purchasing the kit for $497 .

Each Blocked Fallopian Kit Contains:

  • Fallopen Herbal Tampon Mix - enough for 2-3 cycles
  • Chamomile Cleanse Herbal Douche Mix - enough for 2-3 cycles
  • FalloClear Herbal Capsules - 30 day supply
  • Fertility Massage DVD - available both for USA and non-USA customers
  • Fertility Yoga DVD- available both for USA and non-USA customers
  • Quantum Relaxation CD
  • Blocked Fallopian Tubes Book
  • Blocked Fallopian Tubes Fast Start CD

Each item in the Blocked Fallopian Tubes kit will be sold separately on another website for a total of $756, so when you buy now, you will save $159.

Body Cleansing Kit

Each item in the body cleansing kit is sold separately on another website for a total of $533, and we are making this kit available to you for $297. It's enough for both you and your partner to do together, and it contains:

  • Colon Cleansing Kit - colon cleansing bulk formula and capsules
  • Liver Cleansing Kit - liver cleansing tea and capsules
  • Kidney Cleansing Kit - kidney cleansing tea and capsules
  • Free Toxin Cleansing Kit ($97 value) - heavy metal and parasite cleansing capsules
  • Free Body Cleansing Booklet ($47 value)

And finally, we're making the Ultra Nutrition Kit available to you at an introductory price of $97, representing a saving of $57.

The Ultra Nutrition Kit contains:

  • AlkaGreens Plus - alkalizes the body, provides vitamins, nutrients, enzymes and fiber
  • AntioxiPlus - antioxidant supplement for protection from disease and free radicals

We currently only have 4 kits in stock, so please be fair to other women who want to conceive with the kits, by only purchasing a kit if you're 100% sure you're going to use it.

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I wish you the very best in your journey to fertility.

To your success,


Shola Oslo

Medical Researcher


Legal Disclaimer: We are required by law to say that these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, have a medical condition, or any doubts - please consult your physician before buying this product.


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